About Us

From Foodies to Foodies

We are passionate about great food and for this reason we speak to all those like us, who have an ardent interest in taste, well-being and quality of life. We discover and present the most sought-after food and drinks so that a new community of foodies is born, thrilled to find what it is they have been looking for.  Like all real foodies at the heart of what truly matters to us, is enjoying and sharing great taste with our loved ones, and doing it all whilst caring for the environment and the world around us.

Our Selective Selection

We go looking for our products straight to the source, where they are created. We try them one by one to test their characteristics and quality. Each of our products are chosen because we were particularly impressed with their choice of ingredients, the techniques used in production and the history and honesty of the brands. The choice of the right products comes from a passion for the search of excellence. For this reason we have an intimate knowledge of every single brand that is part of our selection and we are happy to bring them to you.

Next Day Delivery Guaranteed

We know that being a foodie means loving great tasting food without compromises. That’s why we offer the best products coupled with the best possible service. We are aware of our customers’ needs and we are ready to satisfy them with the most timely and efficient service.