Niasca Portofino Sparkling Clear Lemonade (12x250ml)


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Product Characteristics
From Portofino with love, a fresh sparkling drink, with a refreshing and firm flavor. The tangerine juice, together with delicate notes of Iris flowers, make this drink timeless and perfect for each season. Niasca Portofino has been founded by Portofino residents to restore local traditions, reuse abandoned land and buildings, bring together local businesses but most importantly to convey the beauty of Portofino and its local products in Italy and abroad.

As Recommended by Our Chef
Niasca portofino Limonata is the best companion to a nice Italian panino with mortadella. For a quick and tasty lunch try Niasca Portofino with this one: Cut the bread in half and fill it with mortadella. Separately, chop some Parmigiano Reggiano finely and mix with lemon juice to obtain a coarse dough. Add the rest of the chopped cheese and watercress and enjoy.

Did You Know?
Niasca Portofino only uses raw materials from their own lands or sources them from short distances; cultivates, picks and processes them in the most natural way to achieve their signature sky-high quality.


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