Cerchi Nel Grano Saffron in stigmas (0,3g)

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Cerchi Nel Grano:

Cerchi Nel Grano is a farm in Azzano Mella (Brescia, Lombardy) born from the experience of generations of farmers who dedicated themselves to the cultivation and production of pure saffron in pistils and ancient wheat flour. Saffron is a product that adapts well to the climate of northern Italy, is fresh and pure; grown in Azzano Mella (Bs), at the foot of Monte Netto.

About Saffron:

Saffron is considered the most precious and expensive spice in the world because all the extraction operations, from the collection of flowers to the packaging of the finished product, are carried out by hand.

How to use:

Saffron is water-soluble. We recommend infusing the pistils in a glass of water 2 or 3 hours before use, so that the spice can rehydrate and release its aroma (the more it soaks the better, so it can be infused the night before). The saffron gives taste and color but it is also beautiful to see so it is recommended to affix some dry pistil as a final garnish of the dishes.

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