Amorosa Still Mineral Water in glass (6x1L)

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Amorosa water is a still, naturally mineral water.
Can a mineral water have all the right properties to be considered “made for children”? Yes, if it flows clear and pure from a pristine region like the heart of the Apuan Alps Park and has the unique characteris Light, low in sodium, with a very low fixed residue – in harmony with the body, it respects the delicate balance of infants and children.
It is the ideal water for breastfeeding mothers and infants during weaning. It prevents disorders associated with oxidation, alkalinisation of the body and the accumulation of toxins.tics of lightness and digestibility.

At 28 mg/l, Amorosa is one of the lightest waters on the market and the very low concentrations of sodium, potassium and magnesium make Amorosa the perfect water for health and wellbeing, not only for children but also for breastfeeding mothers.


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